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Amador College Connect is a local resource center that assists people who want to take college classes through distance education.

Flexible distance education solutions to meet your busy lifestyle!

Distance education includes online classes that fit into your schedule that you can access right here in Amador County.

Student Services

Our free services include helping people through all stages of the process, from filling out applications and financial aid forms, to registering for classes and ordering books and materials. We offer a student computer lab with WiFi/broadband access, and free tutoring and mentoring services to all our students.

Let College Connect help you discover your personal academic and career plan.

Options include Certificate Programs, general education coursework, and AA/AS degrees with transfer option.

Do you want to go to college?
Can’t afford to commute to attend college?
Can’t move to the valley to attend college because of work or family?
Can’t get the classes you need?

While online classes do have strict deadlines, the good news is that you don’t have to commute; you don’t have to spend money on gas; you don’t even need to own a car! Distance education allows busy people to reach their educational goals at affordable California Community Colleges.

Distance Education Opportunities

Amador College Connect offers a variety of online courses.

Connected Colleges

Amador College Connect has established successful relationships with three accredited California community colleges with extensive distance education programs offering CSU/UC transferable units:

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